New Parents Information

If your child has just joined tinylittletinkers the below gives you an indication of the information we will ask you for, and give you, to help us understand you and your child.  This helps us provide the best possible environment and personal care for your tinylittletinker.  Can you also ensure that you bring a copy of your passport or birth certificate on their first session.


 Virtual View of the Settings and the Activities they Offer


Scallywags - VIDEO-2020-07-08-13-04-51.mp4 - Added 8 July 2020

St Clements - St Clements - 130720 rev c.mp4 - Added 13 July 2020




info pack - Surrey and sutton.docx

parents leaflet - scallywags.docx

Registration Form.docx

New record sheets for each child - GDPR.doc