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Parents Information - Last Updated 1 January 2021

Update: All the Pre Schools will be open from 4th January 2021 as normal


Long Term Plan

Term 1 : September to October
Week 1 All about me 1 A RED
Week 2 Favorite Foods / Healthy Lunches 2 B YELLOW
Week 3 Fantasy / Fiction 3 C PINK
Week 4 Harvest Festival 4 D GREEN
Week 5 Autumn 5 E ORANGE
Week 6 Animals that Hibernate 6 F PURPLE
Week 7 Seasons  7 G BLUE
Term 2 : October to December
Week 1 Halloween / Fireworks / Diwali (7 Nov) 8 H BROWN
Week 2 In the Sky / Space / Remebrance Day (11 Nov) 9 I BLACK
Week 3 Antarctic 10 J RED
Week 4 Countries - Children of the World  1 K YELLOW
Week 5 Flags 2 L PINK
Week 6 Christmas / Hanukkah 3 M GREEN
Week 7  Christmas 4 N ORANGE


If your child is going to be absent from Pre School please can you ring the setting to inform the manager.

St Albans Pre School - 07856218121

Fairlands Pre School - 07840 232500

Ruxley Lane Pre School - 07856 218123

Scallywags Day Nursery & Pre School - 07856239469

St Clements Pre School - 07756 813 611


Facebook Page - 'tinylittletinkers'

We are trying to improve the way in which we keep our parents up to date with what is going on in the Preschool. Although our website is regularly updated and information is displayed on our noticeboards, not all of the parents come into the groups on a regular basis.


Please make sure you request to join our Facebook page 'tinylittletinkers' so you can keep up to date with what is going on within the groups.


Ruxley Lane, Fairlands & St Clements also have their own facebook page :

ruxley lane pre-school

St-Clements Pre-School

fairlands pre-school


Naming Belongings 

Please can you ensure that all your children's belongings are named including lunch boxes, water bottles in lunch boxes, coats & hats etc. Not only does this help our staff find the children’s correct belongings it is also important in case any children have food allergies so there is no confusion.


I am please to announce that St Clements, St Albans, Fairlands & Scallywags all had they Ofsted inspection between May and June 2018.  They all received a 'GOOD' judgement.

Ruxley Lane had they inspection in September 2019 and they received an 'OUTSTANDING' judgement.

The reports are available to view on the following webpage:


Please take a look at our revised Safeguarding policies, some of the contact details have recently changed.  

School Readiness

Many of our children will soon be transferring schools in September.  Over the next few weeks the staff will be talking to all the children preparing them for the transition.  Please take a moment to read our leaflet for parents to see what this really means.

Other Items

If you have resources you could donate, which you feel would help with any of our topics this term, they would be much appreciated.
Please can we ask any parents putting grapes in lunch boxes ensure that they are cut in half.

Please can we ask that parents take any buggies home with them after dropping their children off. This is becoming a problem in some of the groups where they are blocking fire exits and obstructing the children's play area.

We still have some sessions available so please speak to the Manager or ring 07803 700 799 to increase your sessions.

Can we also remind you to bring a piece of fruit into each session so the children can share it together.


Parent Consultations
After the half term you will have the opportunity to book a parent consultation with your children’s keyworker. Please make sure you speak to the Manager or your key worker to book a suitable time.


Packed Lunches - Healthy Eating                

  • We try to promote healthy eating within our Pre School.  Variety underlies any healthy diet so try to vary the contents of the lunchbox.
  • Always include a sandwich but don’t forget instead of sliced bread you could use wraps, ciabatta, rolls and pitta.  Try to use wholegrain bread which will provide fibre and help your child feel full.
  • Vegetables can be sneaked into the lunchbox in many forms – add a bag of carrot sticks or baby tomatoes, grate carrot and use in sandwiches, add sweet corn to tuna.
  • Keep it simple.  Avoid messy and mushy food which may turn your child off it.
  • Keep it small.  Ensure food is manageable for little hands.  Cut apples and carrots into slices.  Cut sandwiches into small pieces.  Small snacks such as raisins or mandarins are easy to manage.

Some healthy lunchbox treat suggestions are as follows:

  • Yogurt, fromage frais or rice pudding
  • Individual packs of dried fruit
  • Individual portions of cheese
  • Plain biscuits, bread sticks or crackers
  • Fresh fruit or mini tins of fruit
  • Raw vegetables such as carrot or cucumber are good with a healthy dip such as houmous

Remember it is ok to give your child treats like chocolate and crisps – OCCASSIONALY

Please no sweets in the lunch box.

If you have any concerns or problems please contact the Manager within the setting.


In order to help you read with your child you may find the following leaflets useful:


Please can you try and spend time with your children learning their colours, numbers and letters.  


If you have resources you could donate, which you feel would help with any of our topics this term, they would be much appreciated.